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Antje Dorn

37 paintings, 2003/2004
oil/ enamel on aluminium
varying sizes

indian ink and pencil on paper
21 x 29,7 cm and 42 x 29,7 cm

"Imbisse with their congenial eccentricity, can be read as a commentary on the increasingly widespread combination of rudimentary architecture with the signs that are all the more striking in food outlets lining the thoroughfares and highways, whose signs are hoisted up on tall pylons visible far and wide. In a sense, Antje Dorn plays with "urban commercial iconography" (Venturi), her works demonstrating how it functions." (Tobias Burg, Imbisse und Motorgirls, in: Antje Dorn. Stuff, Museum Folkwang 2011)
Exhibition View Museum Folkwang Essen, 2011

Petersilie, 2003, 57 x 74 cm
Spagetti, 2003, 53 x 67 cm
Blumenkohl, 2003, 57 x 74 cm