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Antje Dorn

Dirty Cube
2000, 2014
installation and object
cable, cable clips and plug sockets

Usually we think of cables and sockets as disturbing in exhibition rooms. They do not conform with our understanding of what the "White Cube" should look like - white walls, whithout colour and technical equipment.
Antje Dorn points out this aspect and deals with it in her art works. Cables and sockets become the subject of her series Dirty Cube. The cable itself becomes Dorn's artistic means.
Robbed of their function, the installation and arrangement of the cables and plugs is totally free. The cables can be wrapped around themselves, go off in the wrong direction, they can become tangled and may take absurd detours.

Antje Dorn realizes her cable installations individually for exhibitions or as commissioned works. She reacts to the respective room situation and wall development. This can take place in a spontaneous action directly on site or on the basis of a design that is developed on the basis of illustrations that convey an impression of the spatial conditions.
Installation Dirtycube, Galerie m Bochum, 2014
installation view of Dirtycube, Galerie m Bochum, 2014
installation view of Dirtycube, Akademie der K√ľnste, Berlin 2000