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Lee Ufan
* 1936 Kyongnam, South-Korea
lives and works in Japan and Paris

More about Lee Ufan

Lee Ufan is this year's guest artist at the Château de Versailles.
The project will take place in the gardens from June 17 till November 2, 2014.

"My work is simple, it consists in just putting in relation an industrial iron plate and a natural stone. This term of the relation is supposed to stimulate a silent and meditative place. The motive of my work is border and ambivalence, visible and invisible, silence and dialogue. It deals also with the correspondence between made and unmade."

"I discovered natural stones as things from the outside world that are not fabricated or given a transparent meaning and bought them into the realm of artistic expression. I did not choose stones for their purity but because I felt that they strongly suggested unlimited externality. In other words, I turned to stones because of their otherness and their connection to the outside world, which is not identical with the self."


Lee Ufan
Relatum, 2000
steel-plate 2,6 x 130 x 160 cm / 1,02 x 51,2 x 63 inch
stone ca. 50 x 42 x 48 cm / 19,7 x 16,5 x 18,9 inch

Dialogue, 2007
oil and stone pigment on canvas
194 x 260 cm / 76,4 x 102 inch