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Simone Nieweg
*1962 Bielefeld, Germany
lives and works in Düsseldorf

More about Simone Nieweg

On prolonged forays through gardens and fields, Simone Nieweg develops intimate knowledge of her motifs. She returns again and again to certain spots in order to find just the right conditions for her shot.Nieweg avoids any clichéd associations, picturesque motifs or narrative elements in her landscape pictures. Her works focus our gaze instead on the two-dimensional image, without however estranging us from nature. The pictorial planes are hallmarked by a visual fecundity that comes from the earth, the vegetation, the geographic situation, the climate and from the human hand that has shaped the scene.

Holterhöfe, Krefeld, 2012
103 x 133,5 cm (140 x 165 cm) / 40,55 x 52,56 inch (55,12 x 64,96 inch)
ed. 8