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Peter Wegner:
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Peter Wegner
* 1963 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
lives and works in Berkeley and San Francisco, California

More about Peter Wegner

Peter Wegner is an American artist who grew up in South Dakota and graduated from Yale. Working across disciplines, Wegner creates large-scale installations
as well as paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper and artist books. Color and language often feature prominently in his artwork.

Since 2004 Peter Wegner works on the series BUILDINGS MADE OF SKY, which consists of shots from New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The chosen section always shows a piece of heaven above street canyons at different times of the year and of the day. Because of the about-face rotation, the viewer focuses the heaven-section - the particular "building made of sky".

There is a compilation of his answers to the most frequently asked questions about this series on his website.

The works in the series MINERAL LOGIC are in turn made out of the mineral muscovite. The structure of this natural raw material consists of paper-thin layers that can be separated off from the mass. MINERAL LOGIC showcases the surprisingly aesthetic impact of this material, which is used in industry as an extremely heat-resistant insulation material for high-voltage power lines.

32 parts
in total: 225 x 322 cm / 88,5 x 127 inch
ed. 5

cut and stapled mica
84 x 60 x 2 cm / 33 x 24 x 0,8 inch