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Evelina Cajacob
Schlaufen | Loops
*1961 Sumvitg, CH
lives and works in Malans and Chur

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Evelina Cajacob with Carla Guagliardi at Galerie m, 2013

More about Evelina Cajacob

The time it takes to practice a craft is also a theme in drawings by the Swiss artist: sheets of paper and walls are covered in strokes that are often only a few millimeters long. The delicate and fugative drawings of Evelina Cakjacob track timeless, recurring phenomena. Delicate shadings outline the contours of plant structures or meander in node-like, forever transforming loops across the paper - or on a wall. For the upper drawing, Cajacob developed 52 loops, which she realizes in situ.
"Landscapes" responds to the vegetation. The exterior appears on the paper – but not intented as a copy. In fact, the drawing evokes the ideas of outdoor light and shadow, nature and space.


Schlaufen | Loops, 2013
Wall drawing, approx 50 x 204 cm / 19,6 x 80,3 inch in total