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Jan Wawrzyniak
* 1971 Leipzig
lives in Berlin

Further information on the exhibition of Jan Wawrzyniak at Galerie m Bochum, 2014

More about Jan Wawrzyniak

Charcoal and canvas are the basic elements out of which the Berlin-based artist conjures nonrepresentional pictorial constructs consisting of white, gray and black lines and planes. The images draw the viewer in, inducing him to read spatial structures into the flat forms as intuition interacts with reason. Diverse imagined spaces evolve from both the composition of planes on each individual canvas, as well as between the different picture elements in and beyond each work. A ceaseless perceptual process is set off in which planes tilt forward and deep spaces open up and close themselves off again.


Ohne Titel (14004), 2014
charcoal on canvas
two parts, each 167 x 55 cm / 65,8 x 21,7 inch
in total approx. 185 x 110 cm / 72,8 x 43,3 inch