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Apolonija Sušterši?

Light therapy
Light Therapy is a project made for the Nordic Museum of Contemporary Art. The idea was to focus on the program and typology of spaces with-in the contemporary museums today, how they function as public space, as a social and political structure in itself. Light Therapy became an addition to and comment on the museum’s programme. It is clear that museums today not only function as an exhibition space but also offer other activities. Light Therapy is also an obvious response to the Nordic context, its environment and lack of light, especially in the wintertime. The official Light Therapy derives from psychiatric hospitals, where this treatment is used to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), milder winter blues and sleep disorders caused by jetlag and overwork, or lack of daylight. It is a therapy with no proven side effects, which everyone can use. Light Therapy creates an artificial condition to improve our busy lives - a “prosthesis” to make our everyday lives easier. It is a tool for artificial happiness. Advertisements for Light Therapy were placed into local newspapers and flyers were handed out in town to inform the public that light therapy was available to everyone. A special logo, the title of the work, was developed adapting to the logo of Moderna Museet.