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Lucinda Devlin

The Omega Suites Bilder
Chromogenic prints
75 x 75 cm (gerahmt 100 x 100 cm)
49,5 x 49,5 cm (gerahmt 70,4 x 70,4 cm)
Lethal Injection Chamber, Nevada State Prison, Carson City, Nevada
Final Holding Cell, Indiana State Prison, Michigan City, Indiana
Electric Chair, Indiana State Prison, Michigan City, Indiana
Gas Chamber, Central Prison, Raleigh, North Carolina
Gallows, Department of Corrections, Smyrna, Delaware
Final Holding Cell, Texas State Prison, Huntsville, Texas
Lethal Injection Chamber, Texas State Prison, Huntsville, Texas
Gas Chamber, Maryland State Penitentiary, Baltimore, Maryland
Final Holding Cell, Greensville Correctional Facility, Jarratt, Virginia
Electric Chair, Greensville Correctional Facility, Jarratt, Virgin
Electric Chair from Witness Room, Diagnostic and Processing Center, Jackson, Georgia
Autopsy Room, Giorgia
Lethal Injection Chamber, Territorial Correctional Facility, Canon City, CO
Witness Room, Territorial Correctional Facility
Lethal Injection Chamber from Witness Room, Cummins Unit, Grady, AR
Rostrum, Lethal Injection Chamber, Cummins Unit, AR
Electric Chair, Holman Unit, Atmore, Alabama
Lethal Injection Chamber, Petosi Correctional Center, Petosi, Missouri
Witness Room, Petosi Correctional Center, Petosi, Missou
Witness Room, Broad River Correctional Facility, Columbia, South Carolina
Electric Chair, Broad River Correctional Facility, Columbia, South Carolina
Lethal Injection Chamber, Idaho State Penitentiary, Boise, Idaho
Electric Chair, Somers Correctional Institution, Somers, Conneticut
Executioner's Room, Greenhaven Correctional Facility, NY
Electric Chair, Greenhaven, NY
Lethal Injection Chamber, Lousiana State Prison, Angola, Lousiana
Lethal Injection Chamber from Family Witness Room, Parchman State Penitentiary, Mississippi
Lethal Injection Chamber, Joliet
View from Wirness Room, Stateville Correctional Center, Joliet, Illinois
Gas Chamber, Arizona State Prison, Florence, Arizona