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Anja Bohnhof
Collector's Edition "Tracking Gandhi"
C-Prints, each 28 x 36 cm, Edition 30/ Motive
inclusive Book about the series
Hardcover, 184 pages, 78 pictures, German - English
edition invention publisher, Dortmund 2019

Anja Bohnhof travels to the places in India, Africa and Europe that marked crucial stages or watersheds in Gandhi’s private and public life.
Gandhis Birth place in Probandar, Indien, 2013-2018, C-Print, 28 x 36 cm, Edition 30
Gandhi Adarsh Milde School in Chamaparan, Indien | Navajivan publishing house in Ahmedabad, Indien
Sadhurkhil Noakhali | Sabarmati Aschram, Ahmedabad
Kochrab AschramAhmedabadKochrab AscAhmedabad | Triveni Sangram (Vereiningung von drei Strömen), Allahabad