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Neue Konkrete Kunst

Ulrich Rückriem
Sculptures at the Park Haus Weitmar

Rückriem works by cleaving stone. He is interested primarily in the sculptural issues of shaping and arranging volume, its proportions in relation to the observer, and the dependence of this artistic activity on the quality of the stone used. His raw stone blocks mainly correspond with rational, constructive, basic geometric forms, and these are also the key elements in Rückriem’s formal language.

Rückriem Archiv Ruhr-Uni Bochum

Pressemeldung der Ruhr-Uni Bochum

Untitled, 1978
Split dolomite, 2 elements, 54 x 163 x 60 cm

This work consists of a triangular foundation stone embedded in the ground with a cut block of stone set on top of it. The sculpture creates an accentuated spot in the grounds, which attracts attention by means of the dialogue between the contrasting elements: one flat and even, the other corporeal and towering above the ground.

After the dwarf beech trees fell prey to vandalism, a fence had to be put up. Rückriem’s sculpture is inside this fence for the time being and is therefore only partially visible.

Untitled, 1977
Cut dolomite, 30 x 220 x 55 cm
The dolomite is cut into 4 pieces.

Rückriem’s three major themes – division, basic forms and supplementation – are particularly evident in this sculpture. These are represented by the manual workmanship of the cutting process, the subsequent reuniting of the pieces to re-form the basic shape, and the positioning of the piece – here in front of the gallery.