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Lucinda Devlin

Pleasure Ground
The interiors in the series Pleasure Ground have been specifically constructed, sometimes elaborately, for the pursuit of a myriad of pleasures and exemplify modernist thought about design and materials in what has become a "throwaway", transient culture. These spaces carry an underlying code, a promise of pleasure. People who engage in the activities suggested by these rooms are in control; they choose to participate and are therefore pro-active in their pursuit of pleasure.

C-Print, each: 74,4 x 74,4 cm (100 x 100 cm framed) or 50,5 x 50,5 cm (70,4 x 70,4 cm framed)
Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, 1980
Bath, Pocono Palace, Marshall's Creek, Pennsylvania, 1980

Pulsation Room, Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel (Pennsylvanie), 1990
Outer Limits Room, FantaSuite Hotel, Burnsville, Minnesota, 1989
Cupid Room, Creative Pines Motel, Chicopee, Massachusetts, 1982
Seclusion Room # 2, Sheraton Hotel, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 1990
Pharoah's Tomb Room, FantaSuite Hotel, Burnsville, 1989
Northern Lights Room, FantaSuite Hotel Burnsville, Minnesota, 1989
Bed, Paradise Stream, Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, 1979
Sun Lovers Tanning Salon, Los Angeles, California, 1982
Zipz Ice Cream Pleasures, Ann Arbor Michigan, 1989
Peep Show, Boulevard Books, Dewitt, New York, 1985
Jules UnderSea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida, 1989
Kelly Lynne Figure Salon, Dewitt (New York), 1985
Figure Spa Sun Booth, Dewitt, New York, 1979