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Neue Konkrete Kunst

Konkrete und Neue Konkrete Kunst
The concept of concrete Art was introduced by Theo van Doesburg in 1924 and programmatically defined in a manifest on the occasion of the formation of the group Art Concret in 1930. Its goal was the liberation of art from any kind of reference to the material world, and the creation of a new and autonomous reality of art, that does not display or abstract from nor pretend to be something, which, in fact, she is not. Each detail signifies nothing but itself and is the real fact of a spiritual idea.

In 1971, m Bochum published the first programmatic overview under the title New Concrete Art. This concept acts on the earlier assumptions of Concrete Art by Theo van Doesburg and gained importance as the established description of an independent direction of non-figurative art - above all during the 4th documenta in 1968, where it became definitely part of the public consciousness.
New categories such as object and environment emerged, and new media, film, photography and video as well as public space became new of artistic expression. The sculpture was displaced from the sockel to the spectator’s level. Conventionalised compositions were dissolved and repaired within symmetric as well as serial structures of equal value. The works of New Concrete Art can serve as changed paradigma of the human existence.
Graphic Edition Neue Konkrete Kunst, 1972 Graphics of Antonio Calderara, Ad Dekkers, Kuno Gonschior, Gerhard v. Graevenitz, Walter Leblanc, Wolfgang Ludwig, François Morellet, Jan J. Schoonhoven, Paul Talman, Herman de Vries, Ludwig Wilding

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Ger Dekkers
* 1929 in the Netherlands
lives and works in Giethoorn in the Netherlands

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Ulrich Erben
* 1940 am Niederrhein
lives and works in Düsseldorf
Günter Fruhtrunk
* 1.5.1923 München
† 12.12.1982 München

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Kuno Gonschior
* 1935 in Wanne-Eickel
† 2010 in Bochum

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Ron Gorchov
* 1930 in Chicago
lives and works in New York
Associate Professor of Art, Hunter College, City University of New York

Noriyuki Haraguchi
*1946 Yokosuka, Japan
Ernst Hermanns
* 1914 in Münster † 2000 in Bad Aibling
1948 Mitbegründer der Gruppe "junger westen"
1955 Mitglied des Westdeutschen Künstlerbundes

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Monika Huber
* 1959 in Dingolfing, Deutschland,
lives and works in München
Norbert Kricke
* 1922 in Düsseldorf
† 1984 in Düsseldorf

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Francois Morellet
* 1926 in Cholet, Frankreich
lives and works in Cholet und Paris

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Mario Nigro
* 1917 in Pistoia, Italien
† 1992 Livorno, Italien

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Erich Reusch
* 1925 in Wittenberg-Lutherstadt (Elbe)
lives and works in Neuenrade

Klaus Rinke
*1939, Wattenscheid, Deutschland
Ulrich Rückriem
* 1938 Düsseldorf
lives and works in Clonegal / Irland

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Henryk Stazewski
* 1894 Warschau, Polen; † 1988 Warschau, Polen

Paul Talman
*1932 in Zürich, Schweiz; †1987, Ueberstorf, Schweiz
Icke Winzer
* 1937 in Berlin
1957 – 1961 Studium an der Kunstakademie in Kassel bei Prof. Bode
lives and works in Frankfurt