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Qiu Shihua

m Bochum Kunstvermittlung as guest at Galerie m with the Chinese artist Qiu Shihua
Qiu Shihua
*1940 Zizhong, Sichuan, China - lives in Shenzhen and Peking, China.

(...) At first glance Qiu Shihua's large-sized paintings look like bright, monochrome and flat surfaces. Only on closer inspection the outlines of wide landscapes seem to appear - hills, the course of a river and forests. However, these details cannot be fixed. They rather seem to disappear in the same moment they have been recognized. (...)
(In: von Berswordt-Wallrabe, Silke: Landschaft als Weltsicht. Kunst vom 17. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. Gemälde, Fotografien, Videoinstallationen und Arbeiten auf Papier. Hg.: von Berswordt-Wallrabe, Silke / Rattemeyer, Volker, Cologne 2010)