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Antje Dorn

Series of works by Antje Dorn
The Berlin artist Antje Dorn confronts us with situations and constellations from our everyday life. Dorn toys with our viewing habits by changing the context of certain pictorial elements, thus allowing us to see them with new eyes: The series Bauten defy the logic of gravity, Milkyway shows geometric landscape paintings and in Rare Animals And Numbers unusual creatures with numbers on paper can be seen.

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Big Birds, small Birds, 2019/20

In the Big Birds, small Birds series, imaginative birds and animals are the protagonists. Each picture tells its own little story in which the creatures travel in groups or alone.

Traffic, 2018
Gouache on Wood

New works by Antje Dorn that revolve around the motif of the road with all its different directions and turns. In terms of content, the artist revisits with “Traffic” the theme of her series "Passage".
Passagen, 2015-2017

The 45 oil paintings in varying formats all depict people walking, just as they can be seen doing daily in cities everywhere.
Bauten, 2013/2014
Oil on canvas

Antje Dorn avails herself of the creative freedom inherent to painting to develop architectural fantasies in her series “Bauten”.

Milkyway, 2011/2012
Oil on canvas

In the 45 abstract landscape paintings of the Milkyway series, diverse forms and bright colours extend across monochrome painting grounds.
Pupille, 2007-2009

The imaginative and humorous photo cameras designed by the artist herself become the motif of this photo series.

0,0 total, 1998/99

84 colour photographs form the series - 42 self-designed bottles and 42 drops, stains and heaps.

Imbisse, 2003/2004

The "Snacks" series consists of 37 paintings painted in enamel on aluminium, each representing a snack stand, in which architecture and advertising lettering are combined. The series also includes a series of ink drawings.

Rare Animals and Numbers, 2006

"The signs become things and things become signs." (Antje Dorn)
Curious four-legged creatures resembling dogs, sheep, donkeys and other familiar animals share the white paper plane with numbers from 0 to 9.

Motorgirls, 2000/01 Gouache on paper

Topic of this series is a view on the picture motif -woman with car-, well known from images in advertisements, films and printmedia.

Dirty Cube, 2000

Usually we think of cables and sockets as disturbing in exhibition rooms. Antje Dorn points out this aspect and deals with it in her art works.

Quality Street, 1996
oil on wood
between 10-13 cm