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Giuseppe Spagnulo

Sculptures by Guiseppe Spagnulo
Sculptures in the park
Spagnulo is working since 1972 on the work group called "Broken Iron". Similar to R├╝ckriem, Spagnulo also considers sculptural work as breaking the material. He considers the form as a consequence of an external, plastic intervention into the unity of the material.
The work group "Broken Iron" represents in a symbolic way the destruction of geometric and from the beginning on destined balances (circles) or the penetration of the cut which can be understood as a seperation of surfaces and its transformation (diagonal/ Grande Curva). The idea of these works is based in the bold certainty of the break of symbols of perfection in society.
Each of the 4 scultprues Ferro Spezzato (Diagonal) created 1974 has been cut through welding in a different place: as consequence of this cut and of the weight of the iron block (which is held only at one side) the sculpture gets its form as a result of a self formed material. The penetration of the cut seems to seperate the surface and documents its transformation (rectangel into diagonal).