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Paco Fernández

Work of art by Paco Fernández

Colour - Light - Transparency
There are certain key words which are undoubtedly engraved deep within
the soul of the works by Paco Fernández: light, transparency, air, spirituality.

A constant sense of balance can be felt, unfolding between the free nature of
the pictorial matter and the determination in the composition, thus propitiating
the encounter between the reasons of chance and those that belong to the
subjectivity of the artist. We understand therefore, that Paco Fernández acts
upon his painting in an almost meditative way, concentrating on the insights
that the elements of his work continually suggest: colour, luminosity, the
supporting medium, the architecture of the painting, its internal and external
space, but at the same time consciously guiding his intervention towards a
most limpid an intense expression.

Manuel Menéndez,
Chairman of Cajastur