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François Morellet
in: Seduction of Light

16.03 - 03.10.2021, Staatliches Museum Schwerin

Light is a theme that runs through all art historical era- from old masters to modern to contemporary light installation.
The exhibition shows "Cercle à demi libéré n°1", 2014 by François Morellet.

Barbara Köhler

We bid farewell

Franka Hörnschemeyer
Plasterboard Fire Protection

expected 20.05 - 26.09.2021 Museum Schnütgen, Cologne

The exhibition shows the sound installation "plasterboard fire protection". The installation was developed by Franka Hörnschemeyer in 2020 from her artist's book of the same name from 1992. The book is composed of fragmented architectural plans for flats, offices, hospitals and slaughterhouses.

Elisabeth Vary
in the Presentation of the permanent collection

Aargauer Kunsthaus

The Aargauer Kunsthaus is showing two works by Elisabeth Vary in its' presentation of the permanent collection.

Photo: Timo Ullmann, exhibition view of the Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aargau, 2021.

Simone Nieweg
Opening the Space. Works from the Collection in Light of Current Issues

27.03 - 22.08.2021, im K20, Düsseldorf

The exhibition shows works from the collection including "Brachliegendes Land, Lank-Latum", 1997 by Simone Nieweg.

Evelina Cajacob
in: Serie and Variation. A not quite symatric look at the collection

01.04. - 29.08.2021, Bündner museum Chur, Schweiz

The Bündner museum shows selected works form the collection about the potential of series and variations.

The Video to Evelina Cajacobs last exhibition tanzen. anders can be seen here.

Melanie Manchot
in: Erika Hoch: Female Fame

from 17.01.2021 in the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

The exhibition Female Fame presents female artists from the collection.

Thomas Florschuetz
in: Time for Fragments
Works from the Marx Collection and the Collection of the Nationalgalerie

9.11.2019 - 11.4.2021
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

The collection display Time for Fragments looks into the diverse meanings of the fragmentary. The exhibition shows an early work by Thomas Florschuetz.

Videos of the current exhibition

Evelyn Hofer
in: Freischwimmer
Photography from the collection Viehof & the Museum Kurhaus Kleve

02.10.2020 - 25.04.2021
Museum Kurhaus Kleve

In the context of the upcoming exhibition "Freischwimmer" the holdings of the Museum Kurhaus Kleve will be juxtaposed with the "Viehof Collection" from Mönchengladbach. From October 2020 to April 2021, both "classical" positions in photography as well as new acquisitions and contemporary works will be on view.
A catalog will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Lena von Goedeke
Kallmann-Preis 2020

Expected 17. April – 27. June 2021
Kallmann-Museum Ismaning

The solo exhibition shows works on the theme of "landscape", for which Lena von Goedeke won the Kallmann-Prize. Her works question the perception of nature by man.

Anja Bohnhof

07.05 - 15.08.2021
KunstRaum Duisburg, Mercatorhaus

KunstRaum presents photographs from the series of the same name in cooperation with Karin Weinert.
The exhibition is part of the Dortmunder Fotofestival f2, 17. - 27.06.2021.

Christiane Löhr
Order of the wilderness

18.06 - 15.09.2021 Haus am Waldsee

Christiane Löhr uses exclusively renewable material for her delicate spatial sculptures.

Lena von Goedeke

postponed to June/July 2021
Kunstpalast Düsseldorf

The annual exhibition is organized by the exhibiting artists and shows works of painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, installation and video.
Lena von Goedeke will be showing a work of her papercuts.

Anja Bohnhof

Postpond to 16.07.2021 - 22.08.2021
in Kunstverein Unna e.V.

Evelyn Hofer
in: America 1970s/80s. Hofer, Metzner, Meyerowitz, Newton

08.10.2020 - 10.10.2021
Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin

The exhibition focuses on photographs by Evelyn Hofer, amongst other artists, that were taken in New York in the 1970s and 80s.

Simone Nieweg
permanent exhibition of K21

Since the beginning of January, two photographs by Simone Nieweg are exhibited in the permanent collection of the K21 in the Kunstsammlung NRW next to works by Thomas Struth and Richard Long.

Melanie Manchot
Honorary Fellowship of RPS Award 2020

Melanie Manchot was honored with the RPS Preis (Royal Photographic Society) and Honoray Fellowship for distinguished people who have an intimate connection with photography.

Situation Kunst

Situation Kunst is an ensemble of buildings located in the Galerie m Bochum's neighborrhood and hosts a permanent exhibition of important pieces of contemporary art and since 2015 space for temporary exhibitions in the MuT (Museum underground). Situation Kunst was designed in 1988 by Alexander von Berswordt-Wallrabe as an interconnected system relating art, architecture, and nature as a synthesis. To the website of Situation Kunst