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Exhibition information

June 13 – 17, 2007
Hall 2.0, Booth C1
Once again this year, our exhibition at Art 38 Basel – a cooperation between Galerie m Bochum and m Bochum Kunstvermittlung – will incorporate various genres. We will be showing sculpture, painting and graphic art as well as concrete and nonrepresentational art, photography and new media.

Unusual are the three steel sculptures in the show: Lee Ufan’s almost two-meter-high and three-meter-wide installation Relatum – meditation, an early work by David Rabinowitch from the Sided Masses group, and Richard Serra’s Spine (for Max Imdahl), one of the Steel Props series. All of these are among the few works in their group that are still available. Drawings by Richard Serra will also be on display, which are as much in demand as the large-format Correspondance works by Lee Ufan.
The Museum of Modern Art in New York is honoring Richard Serra “as one of the outstanding sculptors of our time”, with a large-scale exhibition marking his 40-year career, opening shortly before Art Basel on June 3. Lee Ufan is represented at the 52nd Biennale in Venice at the Palazzo Palumbo Fossati.

Unlike Lee Ufan’s subtle paintings, the four-meter-wide canvas Hervorkommender Grund by Günter Fruhtrunk glows in intense colors, a fascinating work from a seldom-seen late, expressive phase of the artist’s career.
Undisputed in their impressive painterly qualities are the works of Arnulf Rainera and Gotthard Graubner. Also on view are an early work by Mary Heilman, a Frank Stella relief and an Anti-Bild by Günther Uecker.
The works of Elisabeth Vary and Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro call into question our traditional criteria for judging artworks. While Vary’s works oscillate between genres, not classifiable as either painting or sculpture, Plágaro’s Identical Paintings represent both original and reproduction at once.
Among our younger artists are Jan Wawryzniak, who in his charcoal drawings is finding his way to an increasingly concrete pictorial language, and Sybille Berger, whose large-format color-field paintings exert a direct psychophysical impact on the viewer.
We are especially proud to present an early and very rare 10-part relief by Jan J. Schoonhoven, which in 1962 already heralded the program his further development as an artist would follow.

Five outstanding photographers are represented at the show, including works in the more classic mode by Evelyn Hofer, self-dramatizations by the young Finnish artist Aino Kannisto, photos by Lucinda Devlin and works by Thomas Florschuetz that capture the Palace of the Republic in the final phase of its demolition. For the first time in Basel, we will be showing the work of photographer and video artist Melanie Manchot, who, like Lee Ufan, is represented at the Venice Biennale. The New Forest Pavilion at the Palazzo Zenobio is showing her video installation Shave.
The unique and highly intriguing bewegten Bilder (moving images) by Ger van Elk span the genres, with references to classic panel painting, to photography and to film.

For the Professional Day at the show, Thomas Florschuetz will present the publication Museumsinsel, co-authored with Durs Grünbein, and Alfredo Álvarez Plágro will discuss, based on his Identical Paintings, the question of what constitutes an original and a reproduction and the differences inherent in sameness.

For further information please see this side: www.m-bochum.de/art-basel-2007
Richard Serra
Spine (for Max Imdahl), 1988
Arnulf Rainer
o.T., 1995/96