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Exhibition information

Franka Hörnschemeyer
Axiom 420
April 24th - October 31st 2020

Visits by appointment

film documetation of the exhibition Axiom 420 by Donat Schilling
Sound sample for the Audio-installation Gipskartonfeuerschutz

For her first solo exhibition at Galerie m, the sculptor Franka Hörnschemeyer conceived and realized Axiom 420, a complex site-specific work. Geometric sculptures made of shuttering panels and an architectural construction of grid elements made of steel are connected and supported by a multiple redirected anchor rope.

Both figures and spatial structure float and support weight at the same time. They seem to be stopped in their movement, obvious heaviness is transformed into lightness.

The enormous forces that put Axiom 420 under tension, gravity and tractive force are particularly evident in the anchor rope, which simultaneously supports and connects. The rope puts all elements into a carefully balanced, fragile equilibrium. It creates a multi-layered interdependence between the sculptures, the steel construction and the walls of Galerie m.

A multitude of diagonals characterizes the overall appearance, especially the course of the anchor rope, which interweaves the individual sculptural and architectural elements, draws lines into the rooms, uses openings and penetrates the walls. It follows physical laws as well as geometrical specifications, such as angular dimensions, which Franka Hörnschemeyer has defined. Resonance and reflection play a decisive role in understanding the dynamic lines, which set all elements in optical motion and give them a specific rhythm.

In addition to Axiom 420, the sound installation Gipskartonfeuerschutz [plasterboard fire protection] and selected early objects from the 1990s are to be discovered. They bear witness to her intensive and long-standing involvement with plasterboard - here her interest focuses not only on the materiality of the building material, but also and above all on its function as an information carrier. x

In her works - whether rooms, sculptures or drawings - Franka Hörnschemeyer offers various perspectives and points of view, thus providing us with the opportunity to explore material in the broadest sense.