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Claus Goedicke

Koehles Schuppen
"The photographs from the series ‚Koehles Schuppen’ are the essence and at the same time the converse of the images of staged things in my oeuvre.

In the pictures of the shed you find a different order, another light and atmosphere. It was really fascinating for me to discover a foreign place, which is not my studio and where I am not choosing but finding things that someone else arranged. It is another way of seeing and it opens up various possibilities of perception.

Certainly I feel very close to the person called „Koehle“, who set up the things in his workshop with his own hands. However, this work does not only deal with this individual person but also with the universal act of doing something which becomes manifest in the things. You see the workshop and the tools „Koehle“ uses for construction and repair, just as we are using them to construct and repair our world. We grab something with the hands, we use it as a tool and we are leaving traces on it. We create and use these tools to find a place in the world.

That is the case not only for the tools but for all the things people invent and create. Musical instruments, clothes, food, medicine, toys, jewelry etc.. They tell a lot about the needs of our existence. Tools have existed before all the other things, just like a hand-axe existed before every other tool or instrument. This is why Koehle’s shed is so important to me. Another reason is the obvious connection between hand and eye and that it is so easy to imagine the results of the collaboration of these two sensory organs. I have the feeling that we are loosing this connection the more we step into the digital universe."
Claus Goedicke on "Koehles Schuppen"

18 Archival Pigment Prints
each approx. 18 x 22,5 cm (21 x 29,7 cm)
Edition of 6 + 2 AP

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