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Evelina Cajacob

Untitled, 2000 and 2014
In 2000 Evelina Cajacob's installation Untitled, 2000 was exposed for the first time.
Now the artist installed her work again for the exhibition B L A N K__S P A C E

The curtain has a crinkled structure and a drapery developed from the cooling. One might think the material was much softer, like silk. Actually the artist treats the paper like fabric, that can easily be seen in the small seams.
But when the viewer takes a closer look, he will realize that the paper is hanging quite inflexible and also see the drops on the surface of the wax. The edge looks as it was frozen in movement, gathered above the floor.

The artwork can only develop its whole appeal as a three-dimensional object, when it is seen from all sides. When you regard it from a pointed angle, it seems to be a white wall. But when you go along, the wall opens out and you can see that it consists of slim webs. But the webs don't really fit together. There are irregular gaps between each paper, what arises the impression that the curtain was dragged apart.

There is an interplay of the artwork and its environment. Lights and colors are gleaming through the transparent material and drafts create crackle. Depending on the observer's point of view the curtain is either a cut through the visual gaze or a wall with small windows, where one can see what is hiding behind it.
The artwork is dividing and connecting at once.
untitled, exhibition view, Galerie m Bochum, 2014