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Tanya Poole

The Audience
The second series, Audience features portraits of karate club members. Their faces, like the images of the two combatants, exude intensity and the images stand out for the radical way ink is used in them. The contrast between fine pencil lines and flowing, glazed ink surfaces, the dense black and changing shades of grey lend huge vitality to the faces. At times the vibrant strokes take on a non-representational quality to reveal some of the external characteristics of the individuals being portrayed, like Peter’s deep eye sockets or Mairi’s curly hair.

The Audience, 2015
19 works each 65 x 50 cm, 2015 Kanadhar and Chinese ink on Hahnemühle Britannia Paper.
Aphalele, white - Mairi, white - Shahied, white
Aphelele, white (2) - Makabongwe, orange - Julius, yellow
Nosipho, yellow - CJ, orange - Some, orange
Annalisa, yellow - Ethan, green - Keanu, blue
Peter, purple - James, purple - Aniya, purple
Sophie, red - Mahala, black
Alex, black - Mzwandile, black