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Anja Bohnhof

Bahak, 2012
Selection of 68 photographs
"Bahak" means a life as a day labourer living at the bottom of the social pile. Exploitation and drudgery for minimum pay; dicing with danger in a daily struggle with the Kolkata streets; little or no appreciation for vigorous physical effort, which can all end in total exhaustion.
Nevertheless, in a mega-metropolis, whose streets are generally too full, too congested and too narrow to accommodate motorised vehicles to the extent required, the "bahak" play a
vital role in keeping the gigantic flow of commodities moving!
Anja Bohnhof

Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, various sizes
Bahak - Ramesh Yadav and Bahak - MD Rahamatulla
Bahak - MD Iqbal and Bahak - SK Safi Jamander
Bahak - Ram Lachha Singh and Bahak - MD Ansari
Bahak - Sitaram Chowdhury and Bahak - MD Faruq
Bahak - MD Mustaq and Bahak - Sajahan Mullik
Bahak - MD Salim and Bahak - Babul Nath
Bahak - MD Saikat and Bahak - Sanjit Sudar
Bahak - MD Ishahar and Bahak - Subal Gosh