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François Morellet


Désintegrations Architecturales
„In fact I never try to integrate an already existing (or blown up) work into a building, or to add any kind of decoration abiding by and highlighting the work of the architect. What I want to do is fracture. Fracture the architecture with my work and my work with the architecture.“ (François Morellet, 1926 – 2006 etc..., Recent Novelties, S. 115)
New York 1986
Groningen 1994
Nancy 2003
Anger 2006
Désintegrations Architecturales is the name under which Morellet has been experiencing with architeture-integrated art since the 1970s. In contrast to usual studio-based production, these art works in the public sphere are always bound to single contracts. They are not made thanks to the artist's own initiative or creative urge. Private enterprise and the state rather order them for their buildings, and on the condition that they are made with regard to specific architectural settings, as well as urban and natural characteristics at stake.

The works are realised within clear-cut time slots and cost budget. They challenge the artist's flexibility and his ability to deal with the given constraints. A stringent system allows artist and spectator to retrace and easily understand the suggested solution. Transparency and reduction are Morellets main assets also in his architecture-integrated works, which irritate and in that sense disintegrate the architectural and environmental characteristics of a place.