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Thomas Florschuetz

The photographs of the baroque candelabra in the residence of the German ambassador in London on the one hand function as an indication for the place where they have been taken. On the other hand they go beyond that as abstract pictures. They balance between the recognizable and the inscrutable. The photographs evoke an irritation as they break with the familiar appearance of the object.
untitled (Belgravia) 04, 2005
C-Print, Diasec
6 parts, each 123 x 183 cm

untitled (Belgravia) 05, 2005
C-Print, Diasec
4 parts, each 83 x 123 cm

untitled (Belgravia) 08, 2005
C-Print, Diasec
4 parts, each 123 x 83 cm

untitled (Belgravia) 11, 2005
C-Print, Diasec
2 parts, each 103 x 153 cm