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Dirk Reinartz

Kein schöner Land
Over a period of 10 years, Dirk Reinartz used his camera to document his homeland, the Federal Republic of Germany. He presents the results here: seventy-nine uncannily un-homelike images of Germany – failed attempts to discover a homeland in the oversettled, parceled-out landscape pockmarked with clod-like, neatly lined up concrete buildings. These black & white photographs open up a new view of our everyday world by showing us things we see so often that we no longer take notice of them. They present the ordinary in all its bizarreness and lack of dignity. Where practical expedience has joined forces with bureaucratic ignorance, places have grown up that might form the setting for a science fiction film. Although people are rarely seen in these images, every one of them resonates with their presence.
Press text – Steidl Verlag, Göttingen

each Silvergelatine-Print, 25 x 17 cm (30 x 24 cm)