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Dirk Reinartz

Serra. Lemgo Vectors
Three forged blocks, to be placed on equal elevations. Their front edge (not face) to be pointed in direction of steepest slope. Top planes to be leveled to one another.

With these brief but precise words, in the Fall of 1997 Richard Serra described his concept for a sculpture in the landscape park of the STAFF Foundation in the Westphalian twon of Lemgo. His specifications sound so clear and unambiguous, almost terse, that to the over-hasty judge it may seem almost pointless to make an effort to grapple further with the work described nd 1998 realized. Yeti f one ventures into a firsthand experience of this sculpture, the possibly unsuspected complexity of the presumblay simple is revealed.
Extract from Silke von Berswordt-Wallrabe 1999
The publication is available from the gallery.

Lemgo Vectors, 1998