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Zoe Dittrich-Wamser

Works of art by Zoe Dittrich-Wamser
In her works the young artist Zoe Dittrich-Wamser from Düsseldorf combines various materials, while she is not hesitant to work break with associated conventions. Seemingly contrary elements are, often humorously, united in a way that they carry, support or strain one another.
Organic material is juxaposed with synthetic, fragile objects are used as static elements underneath heavy ones; hard, porous surfaces meet with soft, compliant ones; clear, sharp edges are contrasted with soft curves. Besides building material like plaster, concrete or steel Dittrich-Wamser utilises for example spaghetti, tissue-packaging , rubber bands or fruit peel.
In her conception rooms and walls are never just exhibition spaces but eclected components, whose holes, structurs and bumps serve the artworks, complete them and inspire them.