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Elisabeth Vary

Sculptures by Elisabeth Vary
Spatial painting
Elisabeth Vary's art straddles various categories; neither unconditionally belonging to painting or sculpture, it cannot be firmly assigned to any one genre. This mercurial quality forms the essence of her work.
Pieces by Elisabeth Vary are often made up of several different elements. She either brings constellations of two or three components together into a compact complex of volumes, or she hangs objects on the wall at a greater distance from each other and creates – across the distance – a cohesive unit.
In addition to their form, it is the color of the objects that gives them their special character, which is why they can also be understood as painted pieces. The rich effects created with the objects are based on an interplay between their impact in space and the painted effects created by their color.
This coloration ranges from bright multicolors to a more reserved tonality, commanding both harmony as well as tension-filled contrast. The subtle variety of the colors comes from the inner tension of the painting, or more precisely from the application of many different layers of paint as the result of the painting process. The work is built up layer by layer, thick layers alternating with more transparent ones.
The sculptural and painterly aspects of the works are bound together synthetically; this synthesis of the spatial quality of the form and the deep dynamics of the colors is what gives Elisabeth Vary's paintings their intense power.