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Caroline von Grone | Blick nach Osten
From February 20 to April 29, 2015, Galerie m Bochum will be showing paintings and oil sketches from the new series “Blick nach Osten” (Looking East) by Caroline von Grone (b. 1963 in Hanover). The paintings record the view from a picture window in the painter’s studio – of the crown of a chestnut tree in front of the house opposite.

Grone keeps close watch over the ever-changing view her window frames of the chestnut tree. The budding leaves silhouetted by the early morning light in April formed the starting point for the series. There were only brief periods of time during the course of the year suitable for capturing this fleeting impression. With vigorous brushstrokes, Grone transfers to canvas the luminous reflections of light playing across the window pane.

A completely different picture presents itself in the winter, when the structure of the boughs comes to the fore. The leafless branches glow moss-green in the slanting light, standing out like a trellis in front of the house’s flame-red roof. Depending on the season and the light, the pictures draw the viewer’s attention to different details, opening up new color spectrums. Another “look east” shows the view upward into the crown of the tree, up past the roof and into the sky – a motif with which Grone engages more intensely in her series “Kronenblicke” (Crown Views).
Morgenspiegel 1, 2013
Oil on canvas, 171 x 147 cm
Wintersunn 1, 2015
Oil on canvas, 34 x 71,2 cm