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Thomas Florschuetz

The Dominican priory of La Tourette near Lyon, built by Le Corbusier in the late 1950s, provided Thomas Florschuetz with the motifs for his Framing series from 2019, which shows significant details of the architecture in reduced images. The dynamics of the artist’s compositions are inspired by the lines of the building elements as well as their surface textures, coloring and the momentary lighting situation. Minimal deviations in perspective result in images that appear abstract in large part, the architectural references fading into the background and only remaining evident in isolated areas. The focus thus oscillates between planar composition and depth effect, between abstract picture and a visceral sensation of space.
Untitled (Framing) 05, 2019/20, C-Print, Diasec, 183 x 147 cm
Untitled (Framing) 15 + 16, 2019/20, Archival Pigment Print, 152 x 102 cm
Untitled (Framing) 26, 2019/20, Archival Pigment Print, 152 x 102 cm
Untitled (Framing) 03, 2019/20, C-Print, Diasec 3 psc., each 183 x 123 cm
Ohne Titel (Framing) 43 + 46, 2019/20, 150 x 102 cm, Archival Inkjet Print |