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Melanie Manchot

Flexidisks, 2021
In rectangular frames behind Plexiglas Melanie Manchot strings together Alpine postcards to form short mountain ranges. Only in the grazing light does it become clear that the postcards are actually vinyl records. Disguised as postcards, they were smuggled into Poland in the 1970s, among other places, to spread Western pop songs, which were still banned there at the time. A connection on the side of the frames allows short medleys of the respective songs to be played, which Manchot has stored on a hard drive on the back of the frames.

Collage of 3 or 4 Cards
Vinyl Records, with Sound
30 x 56,5 cm (framed)
Karina. Hetta. Telegraf. Tonero, 2021
4 min 55 sec
I love you Baby. Diana. Mack The Knife. Don't Stop Twist, 2021
3 min 34 sec
Marina. Goodbye My Love. Clapping, 2021
6 min
Pity. The Letter. Gitarre. Sugar Baby Love, 2021
4 min 46 sec