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Thomas Florschuetz

Bodyfigures 1985/86
"The diaphanous visual vocabulary behind what we might call in spoken or written language 'a body' or 'a thing', and I do not mean by that merely the human body but those things that similarly from the material body of the world, characterise the essenial photographic impulses behind the work of Thomas Florschuetz. His work is rooted in the personal experience of what might be called an everyday fragmented visual moment, for there is nothing exceptionalin each given subject matter he chooses to pursue. It is an object or thing that remains itself as first seen, and which thereafter becomes known to him in a new way. Something created as if newly born within the oprics of the mind, and the subsequent processes at work in the act of seeing it. Then comes the general and technical impediment of how to captureand contain the thing seen. For this proposed 'body' or 'thing' is not a token of a whole - whence it is but an aspect - but rather an aspect that has a complete autonomy unto itself. There is never a specific intention on Florschuetz' part tosimply make a visual record of a given place or thing. In the fullest sense of the meaning, his photography become an extension of an act of 'seeing discovery', [...]"

from: Mark Gisbourne: "Out on a limb: A Body in parts. Photography and Thomas Florschuetz"; In: Are you talking to me? Sprichst Du mit mir?, Exh.-Cat. Kunstmuseum Bonn, et al; Göttingen 2004, p. 28.
untitled, 19.III, 1986
Baryt-Print, 4 parts, each 50 x 50 cm

untitled, 14.III. 1986
Baryt-Print, each 50 x 50 cm

untitled II-B, 1986
Baryt-Print, each 50 x 50 cm

ohne Titel, 07.IV, 1985 + ohne Titel, 24.VI, 1985,
both: Barytprint, 2 parts, each 50 x 50 cm