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Aino Kannisto

Children Pictures
"After 20 years of self-portaits I made a series of photos working with children as protagonists in the photographs. I was going trough harrowing fertility treatments, the ebb and flow of hope and despair. At the same time, I had wonderful children, very dear and very present, in my life. I wantend to focus my attention to the mystery and beauty the children were carrying within, which invited me to visit the most treasured parts of my own childhood memories. These pictures are less of a documentary, rather a blend of reality and fantasy, theirs and mine." -Statement Aino Kannisto
The photographic series was created from ideas of the children and observations by Aino Kannisto.

Chromoluxe Aluminium Print
76 x 100 cm
Edition of 6
Nixies Children, 2015
Learning to Fly, 2015 | Balancing Act, 2015
Fine Catch, 2015
Entomologist, 2015 | Frog Princess, 2015
Twilight, 2015
Secret of Reading | Private Place, 2015
Perfect Son | Little Sisters, 2015
Minor Demon, 2015
Single Legged | Ghost Tree, 2015
Little Angels, 2015
End of Story | Backwoods, 2015
Shipwrecked, 2015
Tightrope, 2015
Play House | My Deer Daughter, 2015
Itsy Bitsy Spider, 2015