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Anja Bohnhof

The Last Drop
November 14th 2020 - April 30th 2021
Anja Bohnhof visits 12 villages in the north of West-Bengal and shows how the life of women and girls is affected by the lack of clean water supply.
Access to clean water was recognized by the United Nations as a global human right in 2010. The problem of water availability and distribution is particularly severe for underprivileged population groups. There are no wells or alternative water storage systems available in almost 300,000 Indian villages. Over 160 million Indians currently have no access to clean water.

Villages in the region of West-Bengal suffers from the lack of clean water supply especially during the months of dry season. Women and girls are traditionally responsible for the provision of water in a family. Therefore they walk for many hours daily. The education of young girls suffers from this.
Bohnhof stages the women with the typical gallon that is used on their way to the water fountain.