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Paris Photo
11 - 14th November 2021
Booth D10
Grand Palais Ephémère, Champs de Mars
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Aino Kannisto

After 20 years of self-portaits Aino Kannisto made a series of photos working with children as protagonists in the photographs. Kannisto focused the attention to the mystery and beauty the children were carrying within.
Information about the photographic series Children Pictures
Aino Kannisto, Nixies Children, 2015
Thomas Florschuetz

The Dominican priory of La Tourette near Lyon, built by Le Corbusier in the late 1950s, provided Thomas Florschuetz with the motifs for his Framing series from 2019, which shows significant details of the architecture in reduced images.
The dynamics of the artist’s compositions are inspired by the lines of the building elements as well as their surface textures, coloring and the momentary lighting situation. Minimal deviations in perspective result in images that appear abstract in large part, the architectural references fading into the background and only remaining evident in isolated areas. The focus thus oscillates between planar composition and depth effect, between abstract picture and a visceral sensation of space.

Further information about the series Framing
Thomas Florschuetz Untitled (Framing) 05, 2019/20
Lucinda Devlin

„Lake Pictures is a series of photographs of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes surrounding the state of Michigan, taken at the same place, during different seasons, and at different times of day or night, exploring the changing atmospheric nature of the lake. These pictures are about water, sky ,color, light, place, space and time. When we look at a large body of water, intellectually we know that there is more water beyond the horizon. If we suspend our intellects, our mind's eye perceives the water as occupying infinite space. The same concept is true regarding the sky. It appears limitless. The way we can distinguish between the two is the fine demarcation line of the horizon that separates water from sky.“ - Lucinda Devlin about her series Lake Picture

Futher information about the series Lake Picture
Lucinda Devlin, 3-4-13 6.31 pm, 2013
Melanie Manchot

In rectangular frames behind Plexiglas Melanie Manchot strings together Alpine postcards to form short mountain ranges. Only in the grazing light does it become clear that the postcards are actually vinyl records. Disguised as postcards, they were smuggled into Poland in the 1970s, among other places, to spread Western pop songs, which were still banned there at the time. A connection on the side of the frames allows short medleys of the respective songs to be played, which Manchot has stored on a hard drive on the back of the frames.

Further information about the series Flexidisks
Melanie Manchot, Karina. Hetta. Telegraf. Tonero, 2021
Stephan Schenk

Dreamer is a work about states of mind caught up between dream and reality, between loneliness and hope. Solitude, anxiety, pain, and loss can affect any of us.

Further information about the series Dreamer
Stephan Schenk, Insomnia 2, 2020/21
Evelina Cajacob

Information about the video HandSpiel in rosa, 2021
Evelina Cajacob, HandSpiel in rosa, 2021
Lena von Goedeke

Lena von Goedekes works are accomplices and ambassadors of nature. They show nature, as landscape, mountains and sea, sand and rock; they orientate on nature, imitate her copious faces, like the sparkle of ice, the warmth of wood or the brittle draught of rubble; they tell about nature, about her unrestrained firmness und disarming beauty; they mediate between her and the beholder, while not withholding the great distance that has forced itself between him and the uncharted territory that is left on earth.

Further information about the artist's work
Lena von Goedeke, Dunér, 2020
Anja Bohnhof

Anja Bohnhof has been travelling to India frequently for over 10 years. Since then, Bohnhof has created the series books for sale, 2019/18, Bahak, 2019/18 and Krishak, 2019/18, among others, in the streets of Kolkata and on the rice fields of West Bengal. They ask questions about the social content of history, reality and identity.

Information about her latest series The Last Drop, 2019
Anja Bohnhof, The Last Drop (15), 2019
Simone Nieweg

Simone Nieweg is a photographer of gardens and landscapes. Her work, as it has manifested itself over the past thirty years, knows no other interest. At the same time, a certain serenity hovers over her pictures. In them, nature seems entirely focused on itself. One immediately notices that human beings are absent. They are not physically present, and their vehicles, buildings, and the noice of their machines are likewise absent. Trees, plants, and the broader structures of the landscape are conceived as tranquil phenomena sufficient unto themselves.

Further information about the artist's work
Simone Nieweg, Florentiner Kohl Yuth/Moselle, 2004
Evelyn Hofer

The German-American artist Evelyn Hofer (1922-2009) is considered one of the foremost female photographers in recent history, and her works still captivate us today with their intensity and clarity of form. Over a period of nearly 50 years, the photographer pursued her métier as a kind of artistic sociological research.
Harald Kunde, Marion Bornscheuer und Peter Pfrunder in the forward of the catalogue "Evelyn Hofer. Encounters", 2019)

More informationen about Evelyn Hofer
Evelyn Hofer
Queensboro Bridge, New York, 1964
Dye Transfer, 51,5 x 40,5 cm (42,5 x 33,6 cm)