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Arnulf Rainer
* 1929 in Baden, Austria
lives and works in Enzenkirchen, Wien and Tenerife

More about Arnulf Rainer

The first "Über-" and "Zumalungen" were primarily the result of rare material. But then the overpainting became an artistic concept. Rainer wanted to "hide the weak parts" of a painting, one after the other, until the work was perfect in the eyes of the artist. He overpainted new white canvases, his own paintings or photographs, as well as the works of other artists. The procedure was taken in several steps, and could extend over several years.

In the here presented "Schwarze Zumalung, 1958" the monochrome surface forms the creative focus of the painting. The solid and roughly applied colour, fills out the canvas except for a little white part in the upper left corner. Therefore the viewer has no chance to see, what is hidden underneath the thick blackness. He is rather invited to discover the fascinating contrasts that are to be seen in the seemingly monotone darkness.
This early and remarkable work is a very rare example of the "Zumalungen", that is still available for private collections.


Schwarze Zumalung, ca. 1958
oil on canvas
131 x 80,5 cm / 51,5 x 183 inch