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Richard Serra
*1939 San Francisco, Kalifornien

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"The perception of the work in its state of suspended animation, arrested motion, does not give one measurable truth but a sense of presence, an isolated time.
The apparent potential for disorder, for movement, endows the structure with a qualtiy outside of its physical relational definition."
Richard Sera, in: Sculpture 1985 - 1998, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles/Steidl, Göttingen, 1998, p. 57

Spine (for Max Imdahl) is an arresting Steel Prop. Unlike the Plate Props, Spine does not consist of rectangular steel plates, that are apparently frozen in a delicate balancing act,
but of two steel bars resting precariously against each other and the wall.


Tracks (#39), 2007
Oilstick on paper
102 x 100 cm / 40 x 39,4 inch

Spine (for Max Imdahl), 1988
hot rolled steel
two bars, each 165 x 53 x 19 cm / 65 x 21 x 7,5 inch