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François Morellet
* 1926 Cholet, France
lives and works in Cholet and Paris

More about François Morellet

"(...) works of fine art have never succeeded in transmitting to the observer the message, philosophy, peotry or even sensibility which the artits intended." Morellet, 1972
Notwithstanding all their rational precision, Morellet’s works triumph with both their poetic aesthetic and astute humor; whether based on an ordering principle or on chance, his systems are never an end in themselves. Instead, the artist ironically undermines his own systematics – for example in the titles he gives his artworks.


cercle à demi libéré n°1, 2013
2 half circles Ø 290 cm
height 290 cm, width 145 cm wall A and 250 cm wall B / 114 x 57 x 98 inch