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Lucinda Devlin
Lake Pictures
* 1947 Ann Arbor, Michigan
Lives and works in Greenboro, North Carolina

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With their reduced formal language and calm tonality, the Lake Pictures reinforce the impression of infinite expanses. The series is devoted to Lake Huron, one of North America’s five Great Lakes marking the border between the US and Canada. It is fascinating to see how much the surface of the lake varies in the different photographs, although the photographer’s point of view and framing remained the same. The colors and atmosphere here are shaped alone by the light at the various times of day or night, by weather conditions and the season.

Lake Huron, 6-3-12 10-16 pm
Lake Huron, 8-31-12 8-13 pm
Lake Huron, 10-18-11 10-45 pm
each 100 x 100 cm (30 x 30 inch)