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Carla Guagliardi
*1956 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
lives in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro since 1997

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Carla Guagliardi with Evelina Cajacob at Galerie m, 2013

More about Carla Gugliardi

Where is the time I have left in this space?
This is the headline of one of Carla Guagliardi's comments on her work and it mentions two important aspects: time and space. They are not only an immanent part in their physical dimension but find their meaning in various levels. Like brush or colour for a painter, for Carla Guagiliardi various materials like water, iron, glass or threads of copper, steel and cotton are essential means in the creation of her works.

Carla Guagliardi transfers her perception of human situations like uncertainty, instability or imbalance into extraordinary poetic images. In her sensitivity for different kinds of material and their combination, she finds very exciting metaphors for moments of vulnerability, change and confrontation. Transferred into her installations and assemblages, they can be experienced in physical as well as in psychological perception.


Às Parcas e ao Edi (Für die Parzen und für Edi), 1995
sphere of glass with three mouths, threads (steel, copper, cotton), water and time
average 26,7 cm (10,51 inch), 10 liter water